Our Businesses

As one of the world’s leading global precious metals investors, our long-term commitment to precious metals is both a key competitive advantage and a strategic priority. This is balanced with the objective of building our diversified suite of alternative investment products to sustainable scale. The two-pronged strategy of building a global precious metals franchise, augmented by a diversified alternative investment fund business, better enables us to provide consistent shareholder returns over the long term and through various economic cycles. Over time, it is our belief that our two-pronged strategy will also position us well to take advantage of the continued global shift from conventional investments to alternative investment strategies.

We operate through three primary lines of business:


Exchange-Listed Products

Sprott manages a suite of exchange-listed products including the Sprott Physical Trusts and sector-focused ETFs. All of Sprott’s exchange-listed products are listed on the NYSE Arca and the Sprott Physical Trusts are also listed on the TSX.

Sprott Physical Trusts

Sprott Physical Gold Trust

Sprott Physical Silver Trust

Sprott Physical Platinum & Palladium Trust



Sprott Gold Miners ETF

Sprott Junior Gold Miners ETF



Alternative Asset Management

Sprott’s actively managed strategies are managed by Sprott Asset Management. Our products are designed to address specific investor needs in two core categories: Alternative Equity and Alternative Income.

Alternative Equity

Sprott’s alternative equity platform is designed to provide core equity exposure with an emphasis on capital preservation and superior risk-adjusted returns. This is achieved through a concentrated portfolio of large-cap North American equities, broadly diversified by sector. 

Alternative Income 

Sprott has developed a diverse platform of alternative income strategies designed to provide a unique source of income to complement core portfolios. The strategies exhibit low volatility, low correlation to most asset classes, and low to no sensitivity to interest rates. In addition, they offer higher return potential than traditional fixed income investments. As a result, investors benefit from improved risk adjusted returns.



Private Resource Investments

With a long-history as natural resource investing experts, Sprott offers investors a range of resource-focused strategies in publicly-listed and private LP formats. These strategies are managed by Sprott’s private resource teams in Toronto, Calgary, Carlsbad and Seoul.

Private Resource Lending

Sprott’s private resource lending strategies are managed by a dedicated team of professionals at Sprott Resource Lending Corp., a globally recognized leader in precious metals financing. Sprott Resource Lending specializes in providing flexible debt solutions to mining companies. The leadership team has significant lending experience and deep expertise investing in the natural resource space. The team applies conservative lending practices and careful asset evaluation to generate shareholder value. Accessing capital from Sprott Resource Lending Corp. allows mid cap and junior resource companies to execute on their strategic plans through increasing their enterprise value or restructuring their capital base. The approach is focused on collaboration and partnership; the team works in concert with management, optimizing the financing package to best suit the particular needs of the company. Since September 2010, the team has originated and managed over 40 debt investments totalling $1.3 billion.


Listed Private Equity

Sprott’s listed private equity strategy is managed through Sprott Resource Holdings. (TSX:SCP) a public company with investments in energy, mining and agriculture.


Fixed-Term Limited Partnerships

Sprott’s fixed-term limited partnerships are managed by Resource Capital Investment Corporation. These long-term partnerships are focused on exploration stage companies in the natural resource space.